Søren Carter: Twenty-Five

Søren Carter - Twenty-Five

Artist: Søren Carter
Title: Twenty-Five
Release Date: 17 July 2009

It is the breeding ground that allowed the great one to grow. Son of a metal worker, two older brothers, growing up in the Norwegian province, a great deal of talent - and surrounded by music and literature from his earliest childhood days. This background is not only a foundation and grounding for Søren Carter. It is also the master plan for his astounding debut album "Twenty-Five".

Throughout the 14 titles the musician shows that he internalises the traditional virtues of the singer/songwriter, but also shows his knack for edges and unwieldy sound food. Ryan Adams and Dave Matthews have competition.

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01 Cross The Line
02 Stay With Me
03 Promises
04 Love Drug
05 Man I Used To Be
06 1000 Times
07 Rain
08 7
09 Words To Say
10 Words To Say (Remix)
11 Cross The Line (Radio Mix)
12 Stay With Me (Radio mix)
13 Cross The Line (Remix)
14 Stay With Me (Remix)
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