Sarah & The Romans: First Date

Sarah & The Romans - First Date

Artist: Sarah & The Romans
Title: First Date
Release Date: 24 November 2017

In Croatia Sarah & the Romans one of the hottest country bands. Their unique mix between Polka, Waltz, Marching, Mazurka with Bluegrass and Country Music brought them to the attention of music lover across Croatia. Now they wanna spread their wings and bring their music across Europe and they chose AGR Television Records to make it happen.

"Sarah & the Romans" was formed in 2014. The band has nine members which includes: two female vocals, guitar, fiddle, banjo, contrabass, mandolin, blues-harp and drum. Sarah & The Romans, preformed on concerts and festivals around Croatia and Slovenia.

The first single, "Smoke in the Wind", was released in 2015 and was chosen in June 2016 by the Akademia Music Awards as Bluegrass song of the month. Sarah & the Romans recorded also "Una Sola Volta Ci Si Ama" together with 92 years old Bruno Petrali which gained nationwide attention. There's more collaboration to come in the future.

The songs of Sarah & the Romans were included in the top lists of local radio stations and recognized at numerous European and US radio stations. Also, TV stations such as MTV Adria, RTL (Croatia), and HRT, paid attention to the band.

Their debut album of Sarah & the Romans is titled "First Date" and will be available on CD, as digital download, and as stream on 27 October 2017. The album will include the previous released singles "Smoke in the Wind", "Sometimes", and "Tanac".

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01 Fly with Me
02 In My Baby's Arms
03 Smoke in the Wind
04 Sometimes
05 Before Dawn
06 I'm The Air
07 Hope
08 New Chance
09 Farewell
10 Tanac
11 Kekec (Instrumental)
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