Pearse Halpin: The Trick to Living

Pearse Halpin - The Trick To Living

Artist: Pearse Halpin
Title: The Trick to Living
Release Date: 20 January 2014

"The Trick to Living" is Pearse Halpin's debut album. The songwriter and indie-rocker has self-penned nine of the 10 songs  and co-wrote "Entice Me" with Willow O'Brien.
The album was 14 months in the making and Pearse Halpin has written songs that are autobiographical which he feels is one of the most important factors in song writing. The album, for the most part, fall into two categories: Love and Hate. The "Love" songs are pretty obvious and hit straight through lyrically - with "Found It" being an obvious example. The other category is a little more subtle but still is quite obvious. A song like "Your Story" which basically deals with a woman spinning you a yarn in order to get the keys to your life tells a familiar story that most will get.
Pearse Halpin co-produced the album with Martin Quinn.

01 Skip the Handshake
02 Here They Lay
03 Your Story
04 Entice Me
04 Found It
06 Grasp The Star
07 Four Times Long
08 Yeah Yeah
09 Your Halo
10 The Trick to Living
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