Nashfield: One

Nashfield: One

Artist: Nashfield
Title: One
Release Date: 27 September 2012

Nashfields debut album "One" was painstakingly recorded over four years in various studios in Germany. The album appears on AGR Television Records and is the first of three albums that the label wants to release.

"One" contains cracking rock songs and very personal, resonating ballads that have been self-penned. In addition to two countrified cover versions of "Luka" and "Proud Mary", "One" also features a re-arranged ballad from Nashville, which was tailor-made for Bianca during a stay in the USA. As a special treat, has added a country music version of Bianca’s ESC song "Zeit" ("Time") in the English language as a reminder of her time in Dublin. The band is very happy with "One" and is proud to have captured the band's sound.

With the advance single "Kick It Like Country" Nashfield made their round on radio for several months and became so far the most popular song of the band. The track has been also included on many compilation tracks across Europe and is one of the highlights of the stage program of Nashvfield.

01 Kick It Like Country
02 One
03 Since We're Apart
04 Time Goes By
05 Luka
06 Fall Over Again
07 The Way You Make Me Smile
08 Proud Mary
09 These Memories
10 Tonight
11 Time
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