Michael Scott: Bring It On

Michael Scott - Bring It On

Artist: Michael Scott
Title: Bring It On
Release Date: 04 May 2009

What do we expect from great newcomer artists? First of all, they should be massively talented but still genuine and likeable. And while being students of the legendary musicians who have gone on before, great new artists should also be courageous enough to go their own way. Michael Scott unifies all of these virtues. Even though he grew up with country music (his father was a singer and booking agent), it was ultimately a matter of coincidence that launched his career. In fact, it was an unintentional collision with Garth Brooks during a game of street football. The king of country music introduced him to influential people and opened important doors. Since that time, Michael Scott has performed on stage with stars like Rascal Flatts, Keith Urban and Kenny Chesney. His debut single “Bring It On” is the perfect vehicle for his talent.

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01 Bring It On
02 I Call It Livin'
03 I Hear You Now
04 Leavin' and Gone
05 Neverland
06 Ray Ray's Juke Joint
07 She Loves Me Like a Woman
08 She's Everything I Need
09 Somebody's Prayin' For Me
10 What Are The Chances
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