LenneBrothers Band: Choo Choo Billy Train

LenneBrothers Band - Choo Choo Billy Train

Artist: LenneBrothers Band
Title: Choo Choo Billy Train
Release Date: 29 September 2017

Although "Choo Choo Billy Train" is the LenneBrothers Band's debut album, the rock 'n' roll and rockabilly fan community is already eagerly awaiting its arrival. Michael Koch and Stefan Koch are the founders behind the LenneBrothers Band, which started over 35 years ago. Now the brothers are presenting their new album "Choo Choo Billy Train" with a new combo and 15 catchy songs.

12 songs from "Choo Choo Billy Train" are produced by the brothers Michael Koch and Stefan Koch while three, "Big Boss Man”, "Turn Around” and "Some Like It Hot”, are cover versions the band has already played during their live performances.

"Choo Choo Billy Train" will be released on CD, as a download and as a limited-edition vinyl. Together with their 60 to 100 live stage performances per year, the LenneBrothers Band consistently continues to deliver The Lennerockers' way. Cool rock 'n' roll songs paired with slick rockabilly and a touch of country music puts every listener in a good mood.

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01 Still Wild and Crazy
02 Rocking and Trucking
03 Great to be Alive
04 Choo Choo Billy Train
05 Some Like It Hot
06 Rough, Tough (Doing What I Love)
07 Nuggets
08 Turn Around
09 Picking Berrys
10 We're All Stuck
11 Like a Bee
12 You Never Know
13 Big Boss Man
14 No More One More Time
15 Guitar Slinger
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