Laura Bryna: Trying to Be Me (Special Edition)

Laura Bryna - Trying To Be Me (SpecialEdition)

Artist: Laura Bryna
Title: Trying to Be Me (Special Edition)
Release Date: 25 February 2011

Laura Bryna's debut album, "Trying to Be Me", produced by Roger Sarchet, is now being released in Europe as a special edition featuring two bonus tracks.

Bryna volunteers for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. She contributes to the cause with her US single "Make a Wish" dedicated to the topic of conquering the despair afflicting the life of a sick child with innocence and generosity. The optimism of "Make a Wish", which she coauthored, has emanated to "Life is Good" a song whose message is as captivating as its title. "640 Battlefield Drive", on the other hand, tells a war story we are all too familiar with: of a mother, her sons serving as soldiers and a life-changing letter.

Laura Bryna's ambitious and heartfelt performance, which is both highly refined and captivating, affirms that she no longer has to strive to be herself as the album title suggests for she is already there.

01 Life is Good
02 Maybe She Fell
03 My Mistakes
04 Room 228
04 Same Dog
06 Make a Wish
07 Set On Fire
08 640 Battlefield Drive
09 According to The Radio
10 She Can't Have Him
11 No Man's Land
12 I Don't Have a Thing to Wear
13 Out The Window
14 Smoke From a Bridge You Burned
15 Hometown Heroes
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Laura Bryna - Trying To Be Me (Special Edition)