Jim Pyle: Turn Myself Around

Jim Pyle - Turn Myself Around

Artist: Jim Pyle
Title: Turn Myself Around
Release Date: 27 July 2012

Great country music comes from the heart. It is music that means something, both to the performer and the audience, and it not only covers commonly felt emotions and situations, but does so in an artistic and musical fashion. Singer and songwriter Jim Pyle is no stranger to life’s struggles. After being introduced to music by his family at an early age, Pyle wound up stationed in Germany while a member of the U.S. Armed Forces. While there, Michael met a woman, started a family and eventually moved back to the U.S. with his wife and kids in toe. A few years later things took a downward turn as his wife left him and took his kids back to Germany. While most people would have crumbled under this type of circumstance, Pyle moved to Germany, returned to the music he loved as a kid and began to write and record. The end result is an emotionally connective and musically engaging record, "Turn Myself Around", which possesses all the qualities that need to be present in a great country record.

Overall, "Turn Myself Around" goes beyond a therapeutic project by an artist after being dealt a tough hand, it is a strong musical statement that reaches out and connects to the audience in both a musical and emotional fashion. It is records like this, and artists such as Pyle, that are the reason why well-written and performed country music reaches so many people in a deep way. While the circumstances that led up to this recording were less than ideal, fans will be glad that Pyles returned to music and brought his real-life experiences to this project.

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01 Lotta Livin' Left to Do
02 Turn Myself Around
03 Hope in a Song
04 Running from the Roses
04 All Comes Down to Love
06 Call This Home
07 Anchored Down in Tequila Town
08 Nothing to Lose
09 Angels in the Sky
10 Found My Tomorrow
11 Behind That Wall
12 When Its a Woman That Hot
13 Trust Me
14 I See You Love
15 Love a Rainy Night
16 Luck Ones
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