Daryle Singletary: Rockin' In The Country

Daryle Singletary - Rockin' In The Country

Artist: Daryle Singletary
Title: Rockin' In The Country
Release Date: 03 August 2009

Only a few succeed in making their childhood dreams a reality. Daryle Singletary is one of these people. Even as a nine-year old he knew: “I would like to be a musician.”

In 1995 the singer, born in Georgia in 1971, finally published his debut album with Giant Records. Since them Singletary has become one of the greats of his genre. With this current album “Rockin’ in the Country” he again delivers a diverse and enthralling programme. Twelve catchy country songs – spiced with the John Denver evergreen “Take Me Home, Country Roads“ – give rise to a wonderfully vocal mix.

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01 Rockin in the Country (with Charlie Daniels)
02 Love You With The Lights On
03 That Why God Made Me
04 How Can I Believe In You (When You'll Be Leaving Me)
05 Going through Hell (with you again)
06 Background Noise
07 If I Ever Get Her Back
08 Real Estate Hands
09 She's a Woman
10 She Sure Looks Good in Black
11 They Know How to Grow 'Em
12 (Take Me Home) Country Roads
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Daryle Singletary - Rockin' In The Country