LenneBrothers Band visit Kilometer 330

LenneBrothers Band

LenneBrothers Band will be a guest on the new season of "Kilometer 330".

The TV-show "Kilometer 330" aired from February 19, 1989 to September 6, 1992 on RTL Plus now known as RTL Television. Some of the episodes were repeated on MDR in 1998 and 1999. This popular TV show is now set for a comeback and the LenneBrothers Band will be there to kick it off.

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AGR Television Records releases songs from the Overboard soundtrack

Wright Brothers

15 songs recorded for the original "Overboard" film will be available digitally for the first time.

On December 16, 1987 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer released "Overboard" to theatres. The romantic comedy directed by Garry Marshall starring Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell was a huge success and became an all-time classic. The Wright Brothers recorded 15 songs for the MGM movie they will be now available.

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Sarah & The Romans plays live in Germany for the first time

Sarah & the Romans

Sarah & The Romans will perform at the Danetzare Festival in Erfurt.

In November 2017, Sarah & The Romans released their debut album First Date. It garnered positive reviews throughout Europe, with CountryMusicNews.de summing it up as follows: “Honest, passionate, classic. First Date by Sarah & The Romans delivers classic bluegrass and country music at its finest, all while hitting its own note. It’s a must-listen!"

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The LenneBrothers Band records a Christmas album

LenneBrothers Band

The LenneBrothers Band will release its first Christmas album in 2018.

The weather. Yes, the weather. Some countries in Europe experienced the hottest May in over 100 years. Storms swept across other countries and caused more rainfall in a 24-hour period than they would normally get over the entire month of May. Still other regions had hail and so much rain fell in The Sunshine State of Florida over last 10 days that its name no longer seemed to fit. No matter where you look, the Christmas spirit is nowhere to be found.

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Don Mescall releases sophomore album through AGR Television Records

Don Mescall

Don Mescall's new album will be released by AGR Television Records.

It has been over 12 years since Don Mescall's debut album "Innocent Run" was released by the US label Curb Records in 2006. Now, the internationally acclaimed Irish singer and songwriter is getting ready to release his sophomore album, and has signed a recording contract with AGR Television Records to deliver the music to his fans.

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Daryle Singletary passed

The Lennerockers

Tributes paid over the tragic loss of Country Icon Daryle Singletary

The Country Music world has come together to remember the legendary Daryle Singletary, who passed away unexpectedly at his home in Lebanon, Tennessee, on Monday.

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Sarah & the Romans release their debut on AGR Television Records

Sarah & the Romans

Sarah & the Romans have signed a record deal with AGR Television Records.

In Croatia Sarah & the Romans one of the hottest country bands. Their unique mix between Polka, Waltz, Marching, Mazurka with Bluegrass and Country Music brought them to the attention of music lover across Croatia. Now they wanna spread their wings and bring their music across Europe and they chose AGR Television Records to make it happen.

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Damien Maze signs with AGR Television Records

Damien Maze

Canadian Country-Singer Damien Maze will release his debut-album on AGR Television Records.

AGR Television Records announces the signing of rising Country music star Damien Maze to a European release. The label and Maze will release new music, which will be distributed outside of Europe under the Sony Music Entertainment banner. This new era of Maze's career will be driven by a dream team of the most successful and dynamic thinkers in the music industry.

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Scooter Lee hits the studio again

Scooter Lee

Scooter Lee is back in the studio to record a new country record.

Longtime Producer Rodney Mills who produced Platinum Sales for Doobie Brothers, Greg Allman, Black Crow, 38 Special took country singer Scooter Lee back into Nashville Studios in December 2016 with the A-Team of Musicians to record her next album. The music is co-produced by Bjørn Nessjø of Abba fame who flew in from Norway for the sessions.

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LenneBrothers Band signs with AGR Television Records

LenneBrothers Band

The rock 'n' roll, country, and rockabilly combo LenneBrothers Band has signed a record deal with AGR Television Records.

The Lennerockers had been making music together since 1984. When the band announced their split in spring 2016, their fans were, naturally, extremely disappointed. Now, two of The Lennerockers' founding members, Michael "Ele" Koch und Stefan "Teddy" Koch, have decided not to hang up their music hats just yet. The two musicians have music in their genes, and not bearing to leave it behind them, have now founded the LenneBrothers Band.

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Paddy The Musical premieres on September 24, 2015 in Ireland

Paddy The Musical

"Paddy The Musical", based on the song "Paddy" written by Gerry Carney and published by AGR Television Music Publishing, will celebrate its premiere on September 24, 2015 at the Royal Theatre in Castlebar, Mayo, in Ireland before it goes on a nationwide tour.

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AGR Television announces the signing of Nick Riggins

Nick Riggins

AGR Television Records, is proud to announce the release of "Farmed and Dangerous," the debut album by country rocker, Nick Riggins of the CMT reality series, "Tobacco Wars." The album will be available worldwide in stores and via digital download in summer 2015.

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Wallek Bros. finish work on their debut album


Based on the motto that "a good thing is worth waiting for", David and Jan Wallek, better known as Wallek Bros., have been taking time out for the past year to work on their debut album. The result is a debut creation that spans different genres, and it will make a positive impression on music critics and consumers alike.

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