Fabian Harloff puts on CD release concert

Fabian Harloff

Fabian Harloff will perform a CD release concert for his new album "Auf dem Land".

New stages of life are often accompanied by changes. This is also the case with actor Fabian Harloff ("Notruf Hafenkante”). Moving from the big city to the countryside in 2016 further cultivated his love of country music, prompting him to change his musical style and release his first country album, "Auf dem Land”, on June 28, 2019.

To celebrate this new beginning, Fabian Harloff will perform a CD release concert on June 28, 2019 at 8 p.m. at the Nochtspeicher in Hamburg. There he will present all 10 songs of his album "Auf dem Land” to media representatives and visitors for the first time.

Fabian Harloff will be backed by his band: Jens Wrede (bass), Julien Kravetz (drums), Torben Widdermann (guitar), and Detlef Wiedeke (guitar). For that true country feeling, the band is joined by Rosa Panataenius (fiddle) and Nils Tuxen (pedal steel guitar).

To make this evening to be something special, friends and companions of Fabian Harloff will accompany him musically on stage during selected songs. The lineup includes fellow actor and friend Patrick Bach ("Silas”), Truck Stop founding member Teddy Ibing, songwriter Vince Bahrdt (Orange Blue), iconic Hamburg singer Lotto King Karl, as well as the original cast of Crickets from the jukebox musical "Buddy”, Hauke Wendt and Marko Formanek.

Fabian Harloff is excited for the concert and says: "For me this will be one of the most important and beautiful concerts of my career, and for the audience, certainly one of the best of the year. This is going to be a great party!"