The LenneBrothers Band records a Christmas album

LenneBrothers Band

The LenneBrothers Band will release its first Christmas album in 2018.

The weather. Yes, the weather. Some countries in Europe experienced the hottest May in over 100 years. Storms swept across other countries and caused more rainfall in a 24-hour period than they would normally get over the entire month of May. Still other regions had hail and so much rain fell in The Sunshine State of Florida over last 10 days that its name no longer seemed to fit. No matter where you look, the Christmas spirit is nowhere to be found.

That obviously makes it hard for the LenneBrothers Band to be in the mood to usher in the Christmas spirit. Even so, Michael and Stefan Koch as well as Claus Coxx and Andreas Kässens have no choice since the LenneBrothers Band is set to drop its first Christmas album this year.

Back in the day when their band was known as The Lennerockers, Michael and Stefan Koch wanted to record a Christmas album, but something always got in the way. LenneBrothers Band can now turn this dream into a reality. The currently untitled Christmas album is said to have 14 songs. Eight are original compositions and the other six are covers including "Jingle Bells," "What a Merry Christmas This Could Be," and "Run Run Rudolph."

They will start recording the album as early as June for its release date on October 19th, 2018 as a CD and for download.