Kevin Chase releases new single and video Lonesome, Ornery & Mean


Country Rocker Kevin Chase is releasing a new single along with a new video for the song "Lonesome, Ornery & Mean" from the album "Hold On Tight" on May 18th, 2012.

"Lonesome is one of those great songs that has been around for a long time," says Chase. "I first heard it on a Waylon Jennings Greatest Hits album and have loved it ever since."

The song was given a complete overhaul and remade with much rockier edge than the original. It has been a part of the Kevin Chase live shows for a while and has proven to become an audience favorite. "It's a great song to jam out on live," says Chase. "It has become an ever evolving animal. The band and I are having a blast playing this live every night and it makes the blood pump through your veins."

Kevin Chase recently returned from a successful and history making tour of China. He and fellow Canadian Country singer Melanie Morgan, whom Chase invited to join him were the first Western pop/country/rock artists to ever perform in Mainland China. "It was a huge honour to go into uncharted territory and open up a new market," says Chase. "Not only were the shows a great success, but it proves that music is a universal language that people can relate to all over the world."

Besides playing at the Oriental Arts Centre in Shanghai, the tour also included stops at performing arts theatres in Shenzhen, Guangzou, Changsha and Wuhan. Crowds at all venues were very enthusiastic about the music and the artists, lining up by the hundreds to catch a glimpse, autograph or photo for a keep sake. The Chinese current affairs program "Face Time" ran a 20 minute story about the tour on national TV. The tour is expected to return to China for more than double the dates in 2013.

The video for "Lonesome, Ornery & Mean" includes footage from the Chinese and North American dates and provides a glimpse of life on the road.

The song itself was written by Stephen Young, who has penned a number of hits for a lot of different artists, including Jennings and The Eagles. "We played Stephen our version of his song and he really liked it," says Chase. "The original songwriter and the live audiences like it - let's see who else we can introduce this great song to and get them to like it as well. Isn’t that what it is all about ?"