Country Rocker Kevin Chase inks deal with AGR Television Records

Kevin Chase

Kevin Chase is a Canadian singer/songwriter, whose instantly recognizable voice crown great songs that people can relate to. Now, Chase is bringing his latest collection of songs to European audiences with the multi-national release of "Hold On Tight" through AGR Television Records.

The album contains 14 songs, 8 of which were penned by Kevin Chase himself.

"I am extremely excited to be working with AGR to introduce my music to new audiences," says Chase. "We have had a lot of great international feedback to the new album through the internet, but now we can reach people on a much larger scale."

Kevin Chase is no stranger to working hard to bring his music to the people, having performed at many prestigious festivals and clubs, making national TV appearances, releasing two critically acclaimed albums, receiving award nominations and two Top 40 hits, all in his native Canada. "I can't wait to be touring in Europe and to meet many of the fans that have contacted me online and a whole pile of new ones. Connecting with the fans is what it is all about for me, so I will keep my suitcases ready to go," he elaborates with his signature smile.

As the first single "Outta Sight Outta Mind" will be sent in advance to country radio stations by the end of April. The album "Hold On Tight" will available in stores and for download in the second half year 2011.