Paddy The Musical premieres on September 24, 2015 in Ireland

Paddy The Musical

"Paddy The Musical", based on the song "Paddy" written by Gerry Carney and published by AGR Television Music Publishing, will celebrate its premiere on September 24, 2015 at the Royal Theatre in Castlebar, Mayo, in Ireland before it goes on a nationwide tour.

The musical stars multi-award winning singer Tommy Fleming in his first major acting role. This must-see show - co-written by Tommy Fleming alongside singer/songwriter Gerry Carney and Tommy Marren tells the story of Patrick Murphy who emigrates to England to start a new life on the building sites of London. With a gripping storyline that is set in both Ireland and England over a 25-year period - alongside 13 original songs - "Paddy The Musical" promises to be a unique night of stunning drama and spectacular music.

Gerry Carney is one of the most respected songwriters in Ireland. He is continuously touring England and America and tells the stories behind his songs, these are stories that everyone can identify with, and the lyrics combined with powerful melodies have earned him a dedicated fan base. From his first album, "The Flame" (1995), Carney has dedicated his career to writing and recording original songs. It was not always an easy road, but dedication and belief have led him to the top of his game as a singer songwriter. His career so far has seen him work with the likes of Van Morrison and Alison Krauss to name bit a few. His songs have been recorded by many other artists and he is constantly in demand as a songwriter. One of his most popular and many times covered song is "Paddy", a song dedicated to the forgotten Irish. The people that left Ireland for work, and sent the money home to support the families they left behind.