AGR Television announces the signing of Nick Riggins

Nick Riggins

AGR Television Records, is proud to announce the release of "Farmed and Dangerous," the debut album by country rocker, Nick Riggins of the CMT reality series, "Tobacco Wars." The album will be available worldwide in stores and via digital download in summer 2015.

is a talented singer and consummate performer who is unique and one-of-a-kind. His voice is fresh and captivating and his stage performance has been described as "nothing less than compelling." He sings the kind of soulful country that "drives the industry train." "Farmed and Dangerous" is further proof that Nick Riggins is the "real deal," a true country talent from the rural south. Nick hails from a tiny southern town on the Tennessee/Kentucky border, with a population of less than a 1000 residents. His father was a farmer, crop duster, and a soldier of fortune, while his mother nurtured his creative side, being a teacher, curator and historian.

He has made his mark as a painter, a farmer, a gardener, a stage and film actor, and as a singer-songwriter. His skills and successes include television producer, script writer, model, and martial arts instructor. His skills include lariat, horseback, dance, jump kick fighting, pistol draw and twirl, stick fighting and weaponry. Most recently, he has become a reality TV celebrity as a member of the cast of the CMT series, "Tobacco Wars." On the series, he showcases his skill as a tobacco farmer, growing and curing tobacco used in the making of popular upmarket cigars.

The title track for the album was the catalyst for the television series and is a three minute chronicle of Nick's lifestyle, fast, fun and forever evolving.