The Lennerockers make it to no. 1 four times on Amazon with their "& Friends" double CD

The Lennerockers

The Lennerockers have been a firm fixture on the European country and rock 'n' roll scene for years. The band has been performing for more than three decades, delighting not only the older generation, but constantly managing to attract new fans as well. As it has just proved again.

The reissue of its "…and Friends" albums (vols. 1 and 2) at the end of January/beginning of February of this year resulted in a veritable fireworks of sales - despite the fact that Lennerocker fans of many years' standing quite possibly still have the original black discs on their shelves. The reissue made it to no. 1 on Amazon's sales charts no fewer than four times.

It also made it straight to no. 1 in new releases in the rockabilly genre, the country genre and new releases in all genres on Amazon in Germany. "" also went to no. 1 in new releases in the rock 'n' roll genre on Amazon in France.

And this means  have managed to exceed the initial sales successes of their last studio album, "Rustin' & Rollin'".