Wallek Bros. finish work on their debut album


Based on the motto that "a good thing is worth waiting for", David and Jan Wallek, better known as Wallek Bros., have been taking time out for the past year to work on their debut album. The result is a debut creation that spans different genres, and it will make a positive impression on music critics and consumers alike.

Wallek Bros. have recorded 14 songs for the album, which has the working title of "Insert / Play" (working title). In all these songs David and Jan make the principal musical contribution, not only singing but also playing guitar, banjo, bass and piano. The brothers co-produced the album together Martin Claas.

The single "One Out of Three", first published on 31 December 2013, has been re-recorded for this album, and on 6 February 2015 the brothers will be giving an advance preview of their artistry - the song "Bitter Harvest", written by John Carter Cash, has made it onto the "Sounds like Nashville" compilation.

The entire album then becomes available, from high street stores and as a download, on 1 June 2015.