AGR Television Records announces a new Christian/Gospel CD from Cody McCarver

Cody McCarver

Cody and his family were staples of their local Church of God of Prophecy and by the age of 9 Cody had become the church pianist. For many years, Cody remained the piano player at his local Church and performed with multiple southern gospel and contemporary Christian acts.

In 1998,  joined the multi-platinum band Confederate Railroad. Although he spent twelve years as a member of Confederate Railroad, in 2006 he began to write his own material in hopes of a solo career in the music business. In 2007 those hopes began to take shape with Cody traveling to Hollywood, California to record his first solo album at the legendary Capitol Studios. His first album, self-titled "Cody McCarver", was released in 2008. The album garnered three number one videos on CMT Pure (Country Music Television) and he received the honor of becoming one of Country Music's leading industry magazines "Music Row" independent artist of the year, two consecutive years.

Cody branched out into acting, appearing in two motion pictures released by movie giant Lionsgate entitled "Cole Younger and the Black Train", with Michael Madsen ("Thelma and Louise", "Reservoir Dogs") and "Billy The Kid". Two more movies, "L.A. Dirt" and "Vengeance Without Mercy" will be released nationwide in 2014. As well as acting roles, Cody has also written and recorded songs for all of these motion pictures. In 2012-2013 Cody began to return to his first love, gospel music and the church. He began to write songs for a gospel CD in hopes of creating a new project that carried a positive message of hope still wrapped in that all too familiar style Cody’s fans worldwide had come to know and love.

On April the 19th 2013, Cody received a phone call from the Tennessee State Prison where his father was incarcerated. Suddenly and unexpectedly his father had passed away. Cody states, "After fifteen years of visiting my father and fighting for his freedom, I never dreamed that this chapter of his story would end this way. I had prayed many times for God to help me free my Dad. When I received the phone call that my father had passed away, I viewed my endless prayers as going unanswered. When I woke up the following morning, God put his hand on my shoulder and said to me, I answered your prayer, what more do you want? He had truly set my Daddy free." Cody immediately put pen to paper and wrote the title track from his new gospel CD "The Lord's Will", taken from Luke 22:42, "not my will however, but your will be done". Cody states, "The first two lines of the song say it all, "If you want to hear God laugh tell him your plans, you don’t write the script you’re in his hands".

The new full length gospel CD from Cody McCarver, "The Lord’s Will", features six brand new songs written by Cody and four standards done in pure Cody fashion. AGR Television Records will release the album physically and digitally in the international market at the end of April 2014.