Kevin Chase starts working on a new album for 2014

Kevin Chase

Canadian Country Rocker Kevin Chase has returned to the recording studio to work on the follow up album to "Hold On Tight. Chase became the first Western artist to tour mainland China in 2012 and the album is being released China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Maccau as we speak.

The follow up album is tentatively titled "Get a Groove On" and will feature similar collaborations that were found on "Hold On Tight". The Production team of Chase, Marc Gosselin and Jim Kuehnel will once again be responsible for the sound production of the record and hit writer/producer Anthony Little is also back in the fold. The first single, "Whole Lotta Honey" will be pre-released in September 2013 in anticipation of the full album, which is expected to be released on AGR Television Records in January of 2014.

"I am very excited about the new project," says from the control room of Atlantica Studios. "We have some great new songs that take what we have done so far to the next level and we are rolling analog 2 inch tape for some incredible sounds. I can't wait until it all comes together."

Fans can expect more radio friendly rock oriented songs and some surprises as well. "It is a very well rounded collection of songs," says Chase. "They are great as stand-alone songs, but they will also fit perfectly into the live show." And Chase's live shows are expected to head back to China this fall and then again in the spring for the release of the new album there.

"We are hoping to spend a lot more time on the road in 2014 and get to some places we have not had the chance to visit yet," he says. "It's all about connecting with the fans, meeting them after the show and seeing the smiles on their faces."