Damien Maze: Long Way Home (EP)

Damien Maze: Long Way Home

Artiste: Damien Maze
Titre: Long Way Home
Date de sortie: 15 septembre 2017

Born 28 years ago in the small town of Saint-Pascal-Baylon, Ontario, Canada and now living outside Ottawa the nation's capital, Damien Maze has been a country fan all his life, with heroes like Kenny Chesney, Brad Paisley, Eric Church and Allan Jackson. His love of this music genre made him pick up the guitar and write some very catchy songs. Following his dream, Damien will release his first EP with original recordings.

The record debut of Canadian Country Hope Damien Maze is titled "Long Way Home" - A homecoming that offers classic modern country, straightforward, sentimental and catchy.

Based on these professional ingredients, the 28-year-old Damien Maze unfolds a vocal sovereignty that immediately reminds the astonished listener of Kenny Chesney. From the sound color the two go smoothly as look- ups sound-alike - for the young Damien Maze everything but a bad reference.

But it is not just the warm voice that reminds of Chesney. Also in terms of attitude and casualness, the Canadian newcomer can take on the country star. Even when it comes to a ballad with the necessary portion of feeling and melancholy. A great achievement for a rookie.

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01 Long Way Home
02 Moonshine
03 Come On Over
04 Nobody's Like You
05 Redneck Holiday
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