The current line-up of the country rock band Nashfield was formed in Bielefeld in early 2008. From a shared passion for new country music, a duo (Bianca Shomburg - singer and Bjorn Diewald - songwriter / musician) was first formed, which soon attracted interest from fellow musician friends, all of whom were chasing a similar goal - to bring a breath of fresh air to the somewhat dusty, tired country music scene in Germany. The seven-piece band provides a highly recognizable, crisp sound and the clichés enshrined in Germany can be deliberately left behind.

The founding members of Nashfield are Bianca Shomburg (vocals) who has been singing since she was four years old and won the European final of "RTL Soundmixshow" in 1996. She then signed her first recording contract with BMG, representing Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest (at that time the Grand Prix Eurovision de la chanson) a year later with a song entitled "Zeit" (Ralph Siegel, Bernd Meinunger) in Dublin, Ireland. Following this, she successfully worked together with Siegel for three years. During this time, she appeared frequently on television and radio. To this day Shomburg works full-time as a singer and vocal coach. With Nashfield, Bianca has fulfilled a long-held dream of bringing her favorite music with her own songs on stage.

The second half of the founding duo is Björn Diewald, a multi-instrumentalist and singer who has been writing his own songs since he was 16. Since then, he has become an extremely creative mind, who has been on the road in numerous stylistically diverse formations on just as many stages. Diewald is the owner of a media company, is often consulted as a producer and arranger for studio projects, and passes on his experience to his students within the scope of the guitar classes he teaches. He pens the songs for Nashfield himself. With Nashfield, he has made a lifelong musical dream a reality.

Other musicians in the Nashfield band include Roland Klare (guitar), who has performed on stage as a guitarist for many years. He is increasingly on hand to help in the songwriting process. An indispensable pillar of strength who takes part in any hokum without asking for details beforehand.

Chris Beuthner (bass) provides the sub-harmonic foundation and is often the cheerful motivator who keeps everyone in the mood. Solid timing with a big thick sound.

Juergen Groen (keyboards) is the audiophile all-rounder from Berlin. His first steps into the country music genre were taken in the Shania Twain tribute band "Kathy Rocks This Country". There is really nothing that the sound wizard cannot do with his keys. When not on stage, you can find him at the Spanish restaurant around the corner.

Andreas Bohnenkamp (drums) provides precision-accurate timing with the necessary beef. He has a very fine ear and a sensitive understanding of music. He is the third professional musician alongside Bianca and Björn.

In a short space of time, Nashfield has gone from being an insider’s tip to a crowd-puller, has been placed second in the Best Song and Best Singer categories at the German Rock & Pop Awards, and has been enthusiastically received – both by the masses at big city festival gigs and by small audiences at intimate unplugged concerts in clubs. Their song "Kick It Like Country" was issued on several compilations prior to the release of the debut album. "Time Goes By" was in the Top 5 of the German country charts on for weeks. Nashfield played the company song for the Alba fashion house and a broadcaster’s song entitled "Country Music 24 Dot Com" for one of the Internet country music radio stations in Germany, which was performed live on stage with the entire team in front of an enthusiastic audience at the Country Music Fair in Berlin. Various TV and radio appearances as well as studio projects for Nashville (including a duet with Steve Haggerty) followed.

Nashfield provoked extensive media coverage, including in "Focus" and "Stern" magazines, after the organizer of the Country Music Fair in Berlin faced the band (among many others with the choice to appear either with him or at the simultaneous Country Music Meeting, which was seen as a counter-event due to hardened fronts. Nashfield stayed out of the quarrels, but took a clear stand against the machinations and would not be blackmailed. This public stance generated discussion throughout the country.

"One" (2013)

The debut album "One" was painstakingly recorded over four years in various studios in Germany. The silver disc appears on AGR Television Records and is the first of three albums that the label wants to release. "One" contains cracking rock songs and very personal, resonating ballads that have been self-penned. In addition to two countrified cover versions of "Luka" and "Proud Mary", "One" also features a re-arranged ballad from Nashville, which was tailor-made for Bianca during a stay in the USA. As a special treat, Nashfield has added a country music version of Bianca’s ESC song "Zeit" in the English language as a reminder of her time in Dublin. The band is very happy with "One" and is proud to have captured the band's sound.v