Kevin Chase

Kevin Chase

Kevin Chase, born in New Brunswick, Canada in 1976, is one of the most important voices in the Canadian country scene. In contrast to some other acts though, the singer, guitarist and song-writer was not an over-night success. The opposite was true - Kevin Chase had to work long and continuously for his artistic recognition. For a good ten years, the likeable artist, who has always kept his feet on the ground, never missed an opportunity to climb another rung on the career ladder through innumerable club gigs, sessions, studio recordings, tours and festivals. He always kept moving forward, one step at a time. And now he has got the reward he deserved. Because today, the raw-throated singer does not only enjoy a committed fan base numbering many thousand, he has also quite a few awards and top chart rankings under his belt. These include two nominations for the "East Coast Music Award", as well as the top 40 hits, "I Won't Fall" and "The Rush". "I am glad," the musician says today, "that I have had to work for my success. Because my career has a different foundation, one that has been laid over the years. And that's something I can build on."

"Hold On Tight"-album (2011-2013)

The album "", which he produced alongside Marc Gosselin and Jim Kuehnel, is the next building block of Kevin Chase's career. The 14 tracks reveal Chase as a highly talented, mature, song-writer and interpreter, whose repertoire incorporates all the facets of country, blues and rock. With this CD, the Canadian star at last seems ripe for an international career. Not least because Anthony Little, a highly renowned expert (Reba McEntire, Tina Turner, Justin Timberlake), could be brought on board for the final mix.

With "Hold on Tight", Kevin Chase proves that the Canadian music scene definitely has its own sound - dry, straightforward, robust... just like Canada's ice-hockey professionals. Indeed, Kevin Chase's way of tackling his 14 new songs has a lot in common with the star skaters' style. Without getting involved in playful experiments, he places his musical faith absolutely in rousing guitar riffs, solid beats and - naturally and totally correctly - in his voice, that is both warm and powerful in equal measure. This is a combination that really works. For instance, in the opening number "Tattoo", he succeeds in smoothly combining raw blues rock (a la AC/DC) with the carefree emotional world of modern country rock. This hits the listener, not just in the heart, but in the stomach and the legs, too. Tracks like "Love Is On The Line", "Let's Get Dirty" and "Outta Sight Outta Mind" are of the same mould. "Better Day", on the other hand, owes a lot to the Bob Seger classic "Hollywood Nights" - a song with such great drive and exuberance that reining it in must surely have taken some effort. But Kevin Chase also has a sentimental side; this is revealed in several ballads and love-songs. The best example of this is the empathetic country folk of "Somebody’s Daughter", where Chase shines as a sensitive singer.

In the United States of America and Canada the CD is titled "Round 3" and is being released thru Interscope Records, a division of the Universal Group.

The success of the album "Hold On Tight" brought Kevin Chase into the Asian market. Chase was the first Western artist to tour mainland China. He played the Oriental Arts Centre in Shanghai; the tour also included stops at performing arts theatres in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Changsha and Wuhan. Crowds at all venues were very enthusiastic about the music and the artists, lining up by the hundreds to catch a glimpse, autograph or photo for a keep sake. Due to this success the album "Hold On Tight" was released in summer 2013 in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau thru the Shanghai Music Group. With the release Chase returns to China to play several live shows.

"Get a Groove On" (2014)

In summer 2013 Kevin Chase returned to the Atlantica Studios in New Brunswick to record several new songs for his fourth album, tentatively titled "Get a Groove On". The album will feature similar collaborations as on his previous album. The Production team of Kevin Chase, Marc Gosselin and Jim Kuehnel will once again be responsible for the sound production of the record and hit writer/producer Anthony Little is also back in the fold. A first single, "Whole Lotta Honey" will be pre-released this coming September in anticipation of the full album, which is expected to be released world-wide in January of 2014.