Jim Pyle

Jim Pyle

Jim Pyle is a singer, guitarist, and songwriter from Buck Town, Pennsylvania, Jims' songs are infused with a combination of Americana, Pop, Folk-Rock, and Country genres coming together to form intimate, passionate stories backed by guitar, piano, drums, and other assorted instruments.

Jims' musical upbringing was primarily influenced by his parent's Elvis Presley albums and his parent's affinity for country music artists, including Tammy Wynette, Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers, George Jones, and others. His musical path began after a stint in the US Army in Mannheim, Germany and a brief relocation back to Pennsylvania with his German wife and two children.

However, his wife and children moved back to Germany permanently - leaving Jim in Pennsylvania without knowing when or if he would ever see his two children again. His strong-willed, determined, passionate nature and positive attitude allowed him to leave his life in the US and head back to Germany and start a new life. In 2004, Jim moved to Germany, went through a divorce, and dabbled in various rock music projects - all in an effort to be near his children. Realizing a need for more singing and performing experience and a suitable - specifically solo arrangement - was at the forefront of his mind. Now remarried, Jim is living proof of one of his important life's lessons: "Never give up on something you truly believe in."

Jims' road to country rock music probably stemmed from living next to a farm growing up and enjoying numerous outdoor activities, including hunting, playing baseball, and fishing. Jims' father was the primary influence for his outdoor activities. An interest in songwriting and performing grew out of love for his family, his parents, and his two seemingly disparate worlds in America and Germany. The ability to successfully capture the poignancy of authentic, roots-influenced, Americana and country music is evidenced by the superb songwriting skills honed over the past eight years. Jim has been compared to Toby Keith and Kenny Chesney, but his vocals share strong similarities with other lead vocalist in the Rock/Pop/Americana genre. At any rate, Jims' vocals, along with the guitar, are paramount for conveying songwriting adeptness in multiple capacities by sharing stories about love, relationships, hope, history, and newfound happiness with his new life in Germany. Jim is a glowing example of maintaining an optimistic outlook on life by "try[ing] to always see the good side of people” and a “positive attitude; if you are not happy you can always make a change."

Jim is finalizing his solo debut-album, "Turn Myself Around", on one of Europe's best country music labels, AGR Television Records. The album is slated for a release at the end of July 2012, which will contain sixteen songs of original, high-quality, country-kickin' hits with a passion and genuineness never-before-seen in country music. The heartfelt vocals, engaging instrumentation, and roots-focused compositions contain great rhythms, rock-guitar arrangements, and a good dose of B3 organ. The vocal twangs inherent in most country music are not completely removed on the new album. With vocal similarities stemming from a plethora of sources - both directly and indirectly - Kenny Chesney, Creed, Stroke 9, and Toby Keith, there is something for everyone. Moreover, Jim notes, "I believe there is a unique and powerful vocal performance on each of the tracks." In a similar manner, the feel-good storylines and storytelling abilities are backed by a talented percussion, guitar, and B3 organ team throughout. The country rock sound and reason for the entire project began as a way to cope with a new life, and in effect, Jim describes his transformation in the words of the album title and title track, "Turn Myself Around." "Turn Myself Around" is a powerful, raw, and unfiltered recording of honest songs that contain a great deal of charisma, style, and grace. The radio-friendly songs are ideal for all ages and they cement Jims' reputation and commitment to turning his life around. The musical turning-point and ‘making it' realization is also part of the goals usually set and sometimes achieved by other musicians: "Making it means being able to support my family doing a career I love with a passion."

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